Hi. My name is Bart Bollen. My band’s name is “Steel Spirit”. I perform steel drums, vocals, guitar, harmonica and bass.

   When I first heard the steel drum (in my youth) I was instantly captivated by the sound. The sound was clear yet powerful whether it was classical music or a dance tune. Over the years I found myself playing bass and guitar with various steel drum bands, and then finally got my own steel drum. After years of practicing and jamming, here we are!!

   I like to keep my finger on the pulse of traditional steel drum music while still bringing my own musical experiences to the table. OK, enough metaphors. Here are some of the places I have had the pleasure to play: Grand Hotel & Bar, Castaways, Desconso’s, Hennesey’s Tavern, Paradise, Universal Studios, Doral Hotel, Habana Restaurant in Costa Mesa and many more as well as many parties, weddings, corporate events, TV appearances, live newscasts and movies. Besides my own CD, I’ve played on five other recordings last year and two more this year. It’s nice to see steel drums becoming more and more popular. So feel free to check out my music clips and remember we also play and sing all of the steel drum standards such as: “Yellow Bird”, “Jamaica Farewell”, Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet, and more.

   As a single or as a band, “Steel Spirit” delivers all over the Southern California area.

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